Monday, February 19, 2007

In haste... TOO MUCH

I woke up quite early but the morning ran away with me. A long discussion with my flatmate, two pots of coffee and re-reading Eric Maisel's Coaching the Artist Within. I ordered it last week and picked it up from my favourite indpendent bookshop last thursday. I read it on the train to Glasgow and ping ping ping! lots of sudden shifts of opinion (self opinion) about creative projects started to go off in my head. Perhaps I'm just in the right place to be taking it in. But its good - all good. Eric is a very very wise teacher not afraid to tell a student just what they want to hear and don't want to hear. I'm willing to listen now.

In the meanwhile as I go through my to do list written on scrap of orange paper. Please think about TOO MUCH - what is just TOO MUCH?

I had a terrible terrible day last week. A I'm sitting on the bus and I'm nearly crying kind of Day. I rescued the day. Partly by actually picking up Eric's book, having lovely lunch, meeting a friend. Then this weekend I had a whole series of more treats which ameliorated the no good day. Nice soap hunting, stamps to write to people, searching for Green Jasmine Tea at the Chinese supermarket (£1.10!) and luscious trips with a friend to Glasgow and then to see a film last night with another friend. Somewhere along the line a small snarky voice piped up. 'Isn't this too self indugent? Too much Fun?' Yes I may have had TOO MUCH FUN. But I also dug myself out of a hole, got an idea for a creative project ( a fun creative project) and reconnected with a whole section of my life which has been in abeyance (networking but fun). In reality amongst the fun I've done stuff which can be construed as 'work' or 'productive' but in reality I would not have done if I had just rejected the too much activities. Instead of working of course I would have been in a miserable unproductive heap.

What is 'Too Much' for you?

What would really happen if you had 'Too Much' for yourself?

Try it

The results might surprise you....

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