Saturday, February 03, 2007

Full moon

I went to see Blackbook tonight but it was sold out, so saw The Queen for a second time instead. Walked down Princes St inbetween the 'friday night people' forgetting that most people are celebrating this night because its the end of the work week. It doesn't quite have the same aura when you are a freelancer.

Hummm beautiful moon. I keep trying to take photos of it and it mostly doesn't work.

Bought rather squandered £30 on film medium format for London trip tomorrow. Long chat in Jessops with the man at the counter. I waved my Lomo at him (I also wanted 'ordinary' film) and he said he'd had one way back when they 'only' cost £25. I countered that way back then £25 was probably worth a lot more!

Back late Wednesday.

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