Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ebb and Flow

I was surfing last night and Loobylu is taking a blogging break. However after a long hiatus Michael Nobbs is back. Welcome back Michael!


Susanne said...

Great post. You really did all 40 things on one day? Wow.

I just came over from Christine Kane's blog. I love what I have seen of your blog so far and definitely will be coming back.

m said...

sadly no! I only copied the article from the Independent Newspaper ( a uk paper) It gives a lot of food for thought though doesn't it?

I'm pretty good about kindnesses to people I already know but I'm a bit more reluctant to do it to strangers.

Somehow the leaving a pound coin at a phone box felt like a good thing to do - I don't know why!

Michael Nobbs said...

Thanks M. It's good to be back blogging - I missed it.


Anonymous said...

Well Rhiannon was asking after you!