Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Art of Schmoozing

A great posting by Guy Kawasaki.

I've found over the years other things that have helped.

Join groups and volunteer. If you organise or help to organise something you get a natural reason to speak to big wigs and they do remember you. I've been members of several film/video organisations and by being on the board or organising events I did painless networking.

Be open and interested - contacts of the useful kind are all over and are not in the most obvious places.

Get out and about.

Be social. Again if you find most socialsing toecurling be a host. Organise Hallween parties, meet your new cat parties (yes I've done this). Invite everyone. Don't worry the natural drop out rate is always 40% and naturally you have kept your social network up to date.

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