Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Pre Christmas nuttiness

I'm not sure that I can give any helpful advice on keeping ones sanity at this time of year. I seem to be keeping going with keeping going with an excessive book borrowing habit from the Edinburgh Library system coupled with going horizontal on a regular basis with cats using me as a hotwaterbottle. I'm also ditching loads of 'shoulds' and 'oughts' and am down to the bare minimum which consists of seeing people before they dash off hither and thither to relatives.

I did find the quote I wanted to use on my New Year Cards this morning so I might get those out after Christmas.

On Sunday I visited a friend but unfortuantly I was ill (it really is a sign of true friendship and sand froid that said friend could take me throwing up while she ebayed for christmas pressies!)

We agreed that finding our passion for life was the no 1 priority for 2007. Which reminds me one book I really enjoyed was Julie & Julia based on the blog by Julie Powell (I'm in an internet cafe so won't publish the link) Anyway Julie devises this crazy idea of cooking every single recipe in Julia Child's The Joy of Cooking in a tiny NY appartment on her tiny secretarial wages. (Her descriptions of being at the bottom of the office pile revived many painful memories for me). However in the midst of this insane project - at one point her husband remarks that she is so casual about meat that she would start deboning puppies without turning a hair - she rediscovers her lost passion for life and awakes from that grim plodding one foot in front of the other life I know so well as a temp.

ALSO please go to Hendrix-Cat's blog and get the info about her song which was released yesterday. It is available to buy on line. I tried to buy the Eskimo Disco record yesterday but failed in a shop... I must have been asking inthe wrong places. Anyway please buy it as she wants no needs new shoes.

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