Saturday, December 09, 2006

On My Desk

Creative types working spaces via 52 Projects. Not all the pictures loaded when I looked at it - but they all looked extraordinarily tidy. My desk is 3 inches deep in paper ( it only lies in imperial measurements), a cat is sleeping on the monitor, my ikea drawer thingy has receipts peeping out the drawers, CD's of photographs lie jumbled in front of it, one dead phone in front of the keyboard, origami paper which I bought 6 years ago in Singapore awaits being sent to my friend in Germany, a 16mm film canister perches on an in tray, an old film programme for the Edinburgh International Film Festival from when I wrote a biographical essay on Margaret Tait 3 years ago, a yellow pages, a few books, my holga camera box, a purse which was lost on the beach and picked up at the police station, a copy of O magzine, Divine chocolate bar wrapping, postcards, an old passport, a box which had tulip bulbs in it (now planted) but has the number for the tree people at the council on it, a roll of fax paper still in wrapper ( I don't have a fax machine anymore) a smattering of bills, postcards. Lets not get onto what's under the desk.

Sorry about lack of updates I've been having internet connection trouble. I've been forced to frequent sleezy internet cafes on Leith Walk to check my email but things seem back to normal. I might even get my phone back tomorrow.

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djr22 said...


Just stumbled across your blog and have had a blast reading through, I thought I was the only person with a Holga. Excellent stuff and I'll be back for more too.