Sunday, December 03, 2006

Gathering Winter Cheer

Its been one of those miserable gray and off and on wet winter Sundays. I lay in bed listening to The Archers which is a cheerful mix of stalking, breaking down marriages, infertility and a spot of cow AI! I managed to start dull tasks like cleaning out the cat tray, washing up, and chucking a few things awa in the cheerful company of I'm sorry I haven't a clueI was to make dinner for a friend and meet her at the library before but she cancelled due to the inclement weather. I showed a potential lodger around my spare room and then scarpered to get essential supplies (coffee & chocolate). Dinner is now on the go and I'm comforting myself by reading an old Vogue I found. The great thing about losing things is that when you find them again its like new. I shall put on the coffee while my dinner cooks and I urge you to search google images for 'Anne Redpath' she is the painter of the image above. I wanted to find something cheerful and cozy to look at. She is a magnificent colourist. A great role model of a woman who was a single parent and still managed to rise to the top of her profession.

Also worth checking out is Skirt magazine

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