Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hey there

Jonathan Ross on the radio, cats curled up in the intray. Piles of books, papers, clothes everywhere. Condensation on the window. Dampish Saturday. Waiting for a telephone consult with my herbalist. At one I'm going to pick up my photos from NY - I'm so excited! Called a friend this morning she's off on maternity leave and spent the whole week in bed with a cold, another friend was rushed to hospital for x-ray. Its been a long long winter and almost everyone I know has been ill. I get a cold, get over it and get another. I'm now on horsepills from the doctor, pray they work soon.

I had a job interview yesterday - which I got - now I have a one day a week job starting in April. The plan is to move towards a multiple job situation in the autumn.

Time for breakfast.


shelley Noble said...

What sort of job is one day a week? I want a few of those!! Nice flexibility. What sort of work do you do?

m said...

Hi Shelley

its admin not very exciting but in a nicer location than i'm in at the moment plus less communting. I'm allergic to communting!