Thursday, March 17, 2005

I am Meme

following on from Michael's post I'll take up the meme baton...

I am

- tired
- temping
- torn between solitude and gregariousnes
- cinephile
- coffeephile
- notebookphile
- chronic pen loser
- Nip/Tuck fan
- chronically incapable of doing washing up as I go along
- bookhorder
- library fine collector
- magazineoholic (Bust, Bitch, Vogue, O, the shame the shame)
- sister
- daughter
- friend
- careoholic
- internet email dependent (just how many blogs does one need?)
- beach walking
- cafe loving
- budget scatty
- a cat conversationalist
- a person who knows the names of neighbourhood cats but not their owners
- public transport fundie
- non car owning non car driving
- a knitter
- a photographer
- a sometime documentarymaker
- a burned out activist who still wants to change the world
- a developing cynic who needs to rediscover her optimism
- a traveller by choice and circumstance
- an Archers fan (despite loathing 99% of the characters)
- jealous of my lodger who is kittensitting
- trying to do only what brings joy
- trying to avoid duty
- Scottish/South African/Hugenot/Russian
- a freesia lover
- a striped garden hut owner

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