Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Film Showing

of my first documentary Ethel Moorhead
Film Screenings / Social for International Women's Day
SAT 12th March 7pm till lateRoundabout Centre4b Gayfield Place (top of Leith Walk)Women only/Trans friendly / kids welcome

7pm De Toda La Vida (Spain/France 1986) 52 min Anarchist women of Spain tell their life stories fom 1930's to their still active elderly years.

8pm Ethel Moorhead (Scotland) 15 mins Inspiring locally made tale ofnotorious suffragette who was force fed during her hunger strike inCalton Jail, Edinburgh

8.45 Voice of the Voiceless (chiapatas Mexico) Radio Insurgance ofindigenous peoples in Chipasts (12 mims)9pm The Forth World War (Uk 2000) Intense, immedate & exciting thisfilmhas footage of struggles around the globe.

10.45 Poem (10 mins)

11.00 Suzie Bright Sexpert (USA) (40mins)Rauncy DIY sextalk

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