Friday, March 25, 2005

Creative Retreat

I’ve been rushing about doing too much, sleeping too little and worrying and worrying, Final straw was loosing my purse yesterday, rushing home to look for it, a flurry of anxious phone calls about it, cancelling my cards… then finding my purse.

Classic stressed behaviour – I have a friend who loses her keys I lose my purse.

After my traumatic morning I went to the library and bank and followed it up by buying my Easter Egg for the year. I went home and had a wee lie down, then I dozed away the evening. Properly going to bed at 11pm and waking past 9 this morning. I’ve decided to go on an official retreat for the next two days.

I’m descheduling myself. I’ve got nothing planned outside the house until Sunday. I can go and be cutural or not. I can laze around the house or not. I’m hoping to use the time to get back in touch with myself and fill my inner well.

I’ve turned my radio to a classical station and I sit on the sofa contemplating my washing up in a very buddalike manner. I think about sorting out my blogging issues with uploading and images and realise that’s just trying to be productive and ‘get something achieved this weekend’. No the time would be better spent dipping my toe into the waters and walking along sand. I am determined to sleep excessive amounts of hours. Use my answermachine to screen calls. Admire the daffodils on my dining table. Sniff the spring air like a cat inspecting the garden and go slowly and even more slowly.

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