Monday, March 21, 2005

compare and contrast

Alan Wilson's Portobello

Remember way back in February I posted a link to Alan's photographs and said how differently mine photographs of the same place were? And as soon as I did that my CD driver died and my image files mysteriously disappeared? Well in a more mysterious way my CD driver started to work again so I'm going to post up a selection of my Porty Lomos. This is Alan's photograph which started me off.


Alan said...

hi m,
this may be just a wee bit embarassing . . . . but that photo, well I took it in Musselburgh :-(

but there are a few Portobello photos on my site, they were taken a couple of weekends ago, a week later than planned, got struck done by some sort of bug which floored me for a few days - would have to be the weekend!

photos are at

oh, and the bottom one here :

feel free to lift them for comparison


m said...

but but .... it looks just the same! Was wondering why I hadn't seen the trolley though... thought some tidy resident womble had come and tidied it away...