Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Street Photography

is Alan Wilson's site. I'm fascinated because he photographs many places and even people (!) I know (I've never met him) and I photograph them as well and the results are so different. But then he uses black & white film with a Nikon and I use colour film & my lomo. Once I've scanned some of my photos of Portobello I'll do a 'compare and contrast'.


Alan said...

I'm always fascinated by different treatments of the same subject - so I'm especially looking forward to your 'compare & contrast' post, feel free to lift any of my photos if it will help . . . . and I'm really curious about the people you know that I've photographed, they're all anonymnous to me but occasionally I'll bump into someone and am just about to say hello when I have to stop myself - I suddenly realise I know them only because I've photographed them maybe months or years before!

Strange that you mention Portobello - I was in Musselburgh last week taking photographs on the beach and on the way back I thought it was about time I took a stroll from Porty back into town, haven't been down that way for some time . . .so it's pencilled in for this weekend!

Anyway, just discovered Creative Voyage so I'll have a wee poke around tonight . . . when I'm not at work.

Haven't used a Lomo . . . . but I nearly bought a Holga a few years ago!



m said...

Hi Alan

thanks for your comments. I was once a Woman in Bl@ck (currently in exile) and you have photographed them several times and its strange to see someone who either doesn't live in the city any more or I don't stand with each week.

I've just imported a whole lot more of my Portobello photos - I must admit at first that I'm obsessed with the place going between 2-10 times in a month to visit it in all conditions and day/night. So I have rather a collection of Porty photies to upload! I'll do that at the weekend as I am too tired to have a fight with 'Hello'. I got a Holga for Christmas but haven't put in the time and effort to get the feel of it. I'm still wedded to the lomo being small enough to stuff into a jacket pocket and carry about in day to day life.

all the best


Alan said...

Hi m,

Have to admit there's areas of Edinburgh I'm drawn to every weekend - Nicolson Square is one, once the gap site and the billboards disappear that'll be the end of that . . . . .

Yes, WIB, I've photographed them a few times but that one time in February 2003 when I took the nine portraits that was something a bit different for me, and a wee bit scary! I get quite a few emails about that set including one from an artist in the States who wanted permission to do a painting from one. I've also bumped into later on a Saturday in the Queen Street Cafe . . . where their noise level was somewhat higher!

So all being well - I'm meeting some friends tomorrow night - I should be in Porty on Saturday, I prefer the seaside in Winter. Dear knows what I'll find, I could shoot a roll, or maybe nothing . . . that the thing with SP, you can plan a route but whether there's anything to photograph depends on so many other factors, not least 'chance'. So who knows?

Look forward to seeing it from your perspective . . . . Me? I feel like I'm invading your patch, I'm just a tourist really.