Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Love yourself day

As I walked around London I took lots of photos. Being on old fashioned film they will take some time to be processed (I'll have to wait for the spare cash let alone finish the roll). One of the things that transfixed me was the window displays for St Valentines Day. It seemed to me that the day was becoming far more commercial and the message it was pushing was 'Buy stuff to prove you love someone' and the relentless pushing of the it all together was also a way of saying 'the only acceptable way to be is in a romantic relationship'. So I've now got a series of hideous photos with red hearts to come out soon.

Some years ago I was moved to make a stand against the blatant commercialism and organised a Love Yourself Day at the Turkish Baths with some friends. I was moved to do it again. Last time I was able to organise massages but its the wrong day for it and too short notice. Instead I'm taking cupcakes, a flask for mint tea and I'll search out my essential oils so we can catch up, gossip and lounge. We prove love and care by spending time with people not money.

In the same way we can create objects, things, art we can create the kind of world we want one step at a time. I want a world were we value ourselves and the friendships we have so I created my own 'Day'. Its worth thinking about what you can do to make things the way you would like them to be.

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