Sunday, February 13, 2005

London Trip II

I have a weakness for bookshops and even worse a weakness for magazines. I went to corporate nemisis Borders on Charing Cross Road and bought £20 of mags, Utne, Shambahala Sun and others which I've forgotten. Then I went to the National Portrait Gallery to meet a friend in the lobby. Its central, always has good exhibitions and a fabulous restaurant on the roof. We met and went straight up in the lift, got a table by the window and admired the roof top view. We had coffee only being the afternoon, the afternoon tea with scones is a crimminal £14 for 2 but we got away with £5. There is a panoramic view here. I took photos but it will be a few months before the lomos come out.

We talked so long we decided not to go and see the Lee Miller exhibition which costs £7.50 to get into - we thought we wouldn't get our money's worth so instead we saw the free Frida Kahlo photographs.

We then went and met my hostess and scurried around the streets of Soho to find the Hare Krishna restaurant which is vegetarian and very cheap.

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