Wednesday, November 17, 2004


er... emergency!

it seems the email i sent last week didn't reach you....

so, very short notice but... doing anything tomorrow night at 7pm
(thurs 18 nov)?

for a measly two squids you could immerse yourself in the pure
cinematic joy that is whateverworks at the cameo cinema

two pounds gets you into a screening / informal interview with bafta award winning filmmaker morag mckinnon and then a couple of
complimentary cocktails in the bar afterwards.... it screams value, no?

we'll be showing three pieces of morag's work, 'hoppla!' which she
co-directed as part of her masters degree, the bafta award winning
'home' and an excerpt from the bafta award winning channel 4 series
'buried' which she also directed.

tickets are available in advance either in person at the cameo cinema or by calling the box office on 0131 228 4141. the screening / q&a will start at 7pm on the nail and will last for one hour.

remember, if you can't get a ticket to the screening you're more than welcome to hang out with us in the bar from 8pm onwards...

also, a quick thanks to our supporters: channnel 4: ideasfactory,
edinburgh film focus and shooting people.

ok, hope to see you tomorrow


1 comment:

m said...

It Was good value... £2 to see two of the best short films made in Scotland in the last 10 years AND a free drink!