Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Its too easy to think that we must be doing in order to be creative. I firmly believe that the not doing times are as important or even more important than the doing times. The not doing lays down the materials (in terms of experience and maturation of experience) and the energy stores needed to be creative.

Generally we dismiss rest as being unproductive which I think is a mistake or even dangerous. I was visiting a friend this afternoon who has been laid low by flu for a week and still did not feel well and I tried to encourage her to not go back to work until entirely rested. I've pushed myself in the past to work and do and produce beyond my energy capacity and creative stores and the results are not pretty.

You have enough

You are enough

You do enough

There is only one author which I've found which has fully celebrated and emphasised the importance of rest - Robyn Posin.

As she says 'Rest is as urgent significant, meaningful, honorable and productive as any other purposeful act!'


Anonymous said...

Just realised I can comment here. Thanks for this reminder. I haven't looked at The Little Ones Inside for a long time - and of course (as you well know) I really don't appreciate the sacredness of resting.


m said...

Michael it just takes time to appreciate it - I'm still relearning this skill!