Monday, October 25, 2004

A corrective to the idea that running a creative biz is all fun

either my discovery of salt and pepper potato chips has made me a size or two bigger, or my pattern maker goofed on her last two assignments. i picked up my new sweatshirt/hoodie and not only was it way too tight, but the sleeves were about four inches too short. since i only have 6 days until the trade show where i will be introducing these items, i'm starting to freak out. I'M FREAKING OUT. On a saner note, after a full night of magnet making, i was able to ship most of the orders on my "to ship" pile; only those with letterpress notecards on them are still waiting to go. it was a successful friday all the way around. as the orders went out the door, new orders came over the fax machine to replace them. normally, the phone and fax don't ring at all on fridays, but today, i got six faxed orders, possibly a friday world record. three of them are already shipped, the others will go out on monday as part of my push to get every in-house order out the door before my trade show begins. this is certainly not going to be a workless weekend. i've got colloection letters to get out, line sheets to create and print, and a huge pile of paperwork on my desk that mus be gone through. sunday is scarf day at the flea market. and if i still have some energy left, cutting of the scarves, so ana can iron and glue them, for pins, on monday. i keep attempting to get some back stock on our shelves, but i'm having a hard time keeping up. we got over 8000 pins finished last thursday, by today, they were nearly gone. this is good, i know. but with exhaustion, comes frustration. and i don't remember ever being this exhausted.

This is from Pamela Barsky's great blog in which she blogs about running her business.

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