Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Ameen Ali Khan - master of the Sarod

The Indian Music and Dance Collective presents an afternoon performance & workshop

Sunday 31st October, 2-5pm Buddhafields, 25 Blackfriars St (off Royal Mile, Eidnburgh) Tickets £7/5 (Children £3).

All welcome if you are a player, please bring along your instrument.

The Sarod traces its origin back to the folk instrument of ancient Afghanistan, and Persia, the 'Rabab'. It is a short-necked, unfretted, waisted lute carved from a block of teak. Its broad, triangular fingerboard is superimposed with a sheet of metal and carries eight main strings - four melody strings, two drone strings and two chikari strings (raised drone strings plucked frequently to punctuate melodic phrases and provide rhythmic variety) and between eleven to fifteen sympathetic strings that are tuned to the scale of the Raga in use. The strings are plucked with a triangular plectrum.

Ameen is vibrant, inspiring and the most promising Sarod player in the country Hindustan Times

IMDCOLL is also starting a new class in Sitar at the end of October. For more information on this or any of the other Indian dance, music or singing classes run by IMCOLL, please contact Dana MacLeod 0845 125 9926

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