Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Year of Sleeping Dangerously

Those bouncy 'lets just all go and follow ones bliss' books can be pretty terrifying but I stumbled across the website for one author Tama J Kieves author of unbelievably enough This Time I DANCE! How one Harvard Lawyer left it all to have it all but she won me over in an extract from her book.

" After I walked out of my hight paced, breathless career I funtioned at what seemd to be two notches above the living dead line. I waited tables, bought groceries and fed my cat. But I slept for what seems to be unnatural numbers of hours. My mind revved up like an eager sports car engine racing the need to create a new and improved life. But I found my physical self dragging around the apartment in slow motion in my underwear in the middle of the day and then taking naps to recuperate. I felt like a beached whale hungering for the sea. I ate bagels and cream cheese and leftovers, and lunchmeats instead. Guilt took finky little notes about my attraction to the refridgerator and read them over in my head.

It didn't take long before I found myself haunted by ratling questions and rude images of wsting away in oblivion while the rest of the world drank lattes to go. Would I just extist in limbo now> Was gazing at my walls for hours 'following my bliss'? just how much could I eat anyway? And how would I pursue "the hero's journey." if it tooke me three hours to get up and bursh my teeth?" "Oh, this is great,"I thought "I've wrecked a Rolls Royce career so I could grow as wide as a Buddha and contemplate the daisies on my quilt.

...Months down the road, my grieving and self - exploration gave way to curiosity and wonder. The naps with a life force of their own ended. Stabs at creativity and expression began. The juice returned and the breath-stealing adventure before me unfurled its shapely red cape. I have almost never felt as small or lost since."

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