Friday, September 24, 2004

The Big Draw

Quentin Blake children's book illustrator is a supporter of this campaign to get people drawing and looking. BBC Radio 4 had an item on it in Front Row arts programme with presenter Mark Lawson being sent to try some drawing which he'd last done aged 14. I was so intrigued by the descriptions I went to look at the results. At the same place you can play the feature on Real Player. I loved that Quentin Blake's parting advice to get better was to 'practice'. I started drawing in a very undisciplined with way a class last autumn and then each time I sat down in a cafe I started drawing tablescapes of cappachinos, sugar bowls, cruet sets. At first they were heinous but you know something? After perservering over a few months they are recognisable and have a certain wobbly charm. I love that I can flip open my moleskeine and be reminded of a lunch in 'Spoon' or 'EH1'

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